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Brand Ambassadors Project

Brand Ambassadors Project

Thanks for your interesting of EMINI HOUSE brand ambassadors program.

We are recruting ambassadors worldwide now.

You can get discount, free bags or even earning money from this program.

Only 3 steps to participate in:

  1. 1 Purchase any bags you like via our website
  2. 2 Post pictures with EMINI bags in your Instagram and @eminihous
  3. 3 Get likes, then you can get refund and coupon cod depend on how many likes you get from your picture
  • 100 likes=15%refund+15%off coupon for future purchase
  •  101-300likes=20%refund+20%off coupon for future purchase
  • 301-600 likes=30%refund+30%off coupon for future purchase
  • 601-1000 likes=40%refund+40%off coupon for future purchase
  • 1001-3000 likes=50%refund+50%off coupon for future purchase
  • 3001 like or more=you can get this bag and another one you liked FREE 

What  is more, each time when your USERNAME coupon used, you will get 10usd/time bonus, the more it used, the more money you will earn!

 If you want to join us, please  contact your customer service.




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